Sean Blackmore is a seasoned law enforcement professional with 41 years of combined policing and intelligence experience.

Retiring from the United States Secret Service (USSS) as the Canadian Liaison to the Toronto Resident Office, Sean was responsible for investigating cases and obtaining intelligence on matters of pertinent interest to the United States of America. As the principle point of contact between the US Secret Service and Canadian law enforcement groups in Southern Ontario, Sean was vital in establishing strategic partnerships and embedding US law enforcement personnel in local agencies to combat fraud, counterfeiting, and organized crime with US connections. He was responsible for conducting background checks, protective advances, and personal security on persons of US interest.

Prior to his role with the US Secret Service, Sean was an investigator for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) obtaining Top Secret Canadian security clearance. During this period he was responsible for conducting investigations and preparing reports for government agencies and the Department of National Defense.

Sean’s policing career spanned 30 years with the Toronto Police Service where he served in a number of critical positions in the Emergency Task Force including SWAT Team Leader, First Officer for negotiations, and providing critical incident management for hostage and barricaded suspect situations. Sean specialized in explosive detection and defusal, bomb threat management, improvised explosive devices and suspect packages – extending his expertise to other law enforcement and government bodies as a guest lecturer at the Canadian Police College. While working within the Intelligence Division’s Security Section, he received extensive training from numerous law enforcement agencies in all aspects of intelligence consisting of; major event planning, close protection, counter surveillance, threat and risk assessment, anti-terrorism, and crime analysis. Sean’s responsibilities encompassed providing security to world leaders and political figures, royal families, corporate executives and high profile entertainers. He was responsible for entire protection programs from visit and event planning, close protection, motorcade details, site security, counter surveillance and risk assessments – performing security operations for high level Internationally Protected Persons including; Her Royal Highness, George Bush Sr., and Margaret Thatcher.