Kim was a veteran investigator with the Toronto Police Service.

His career spanned thirty years, assigned to specialty units such as the Emergency Task Force and the Homicide Squad.  Both of these units require the ability to evaluate the threats and risks of a situation and then apply the appropriate solution through incident management and event management principles. In these functions, the ability to work in a unified command with other jurisdictions or services that have the legal authority to be included was frequent.

After retiring from the Toronto Police Service in 2003, Kim commenced conducting private sector investigations, audits and training for corporate clients.

Kim’s training programs were conducted in several areas of criminal and civil processes, but greatly expanded on Emergency Management and the application of Emergency Management, including Incident Management, Operating an Emergency Operations Centre, Joint Operations and Unified Command. He was also accredited to teach law enforcement officers in New York for the State Bureau of Criminal Justice Services.

Following his retirement from law enforcement, for over six years, Kim oversaw the security department of Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), departing as Director of Campus Safety in 2012.  This role was specific to Public Safety, Security and Emergency Management at all of their campuses.

In 2012, Kim commenced his duties as the Director of Investigations and Special Operations for Executek International.  He is also the Director of Client Relations for Executek International were he remains today.