Senior Investigator and Gaming Specialist

Joe Fotia is 34-year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police Force (OPP).  During his tenure with the OPP, he moved through the ranks from Constable to Detective Staff Sergeant before retiring to private consulting in 2003. As an officer of the law, Joe served the Intelligence Branch, Joint Forces Operation; the Intelligence Branch, Organized Crime Section; the Anti-Rackets Branch, Gaming Section; and, the Alcohol Gaming Commision of Ontario.

A highly trained and experienced gaming specialist, Joe stays current on casino operations, gaming rules and security procedures.  He has trained gaming officials and Crown Attorneys on industry rules and legislation, and has been called on as expert witness by the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Over the years, Joe has assisted with the creation of the Gaming Control Act and Regulations, as well as establishing the Alcohol, Gaming Commission of Ontario Casino Training Centre. Joe Fotia has earned the respect and admiration of national and international gaming authorities that value his extensive knowledge and trust his adept risk management mitigation skills.

In addition to his gaming portfolio, Joe has extensive experience in personal security and investigations. With a propensity for uncovering the truth, he has worked as an international investigator and keynote speaker on organized crime, and has led numerous investigations on gaming offences committed by commercial and charity casinos. During the G7 Summit, Joe provided personal security to the Canadian Finance Minister.

Joe Fotia brings invaluable insight and years of experience to the Executek International operations network of quality, assurance and integrity providers.