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Executek International is a service-driven security guard provider focused on superior client support, staff training and development, employee motivation, and ensuring low turnover for our partners.  Executek International services commercial, industrial and residential clients across the Greater Toronto Area.  Our services include security guard patrols, access control, asset protection, mobile security solutions, and other services typically performed by licensed security guards.

After decades of service excellence, Executek International has grown to offer fully integrated security solutions to all of its partners, from residential homes to multi-million square foot commercial real estate properties.

As times have changed, so has Executek International; which now offers a multitude of services to our partners including; state-of-the-art security systems, innovative staffing solutions, full investigative services, executive protection, professional consulting services, and a great deal more.

With Executek’s steady and sustained growth, combined with a focus on our customers, the organization has evolved into a total security solution provider, unmatched by other companies.

Event Control

From executive and company parties, to city attractions and sport events, we got the event control your project needs! Entry flow optimization, ticket validation, VIP attendance, crowd control, fraud avoidance and much more with our access control solutions, suited to any situation or event.

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Emerging tech is impacting how we live and work. It’s changing how we approach, plan and integrate security operations.

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Innovative thinking is a crucial addition to traditional business. It allows you to bring new ideas and energy to your role as leader and to solve your challenges. It also paves the way to bring more innovation into your organization.

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